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Why Remote Jobs ?

Over the last few years, remote working has become a way of life for many of us, and post-Covid, it has become the ‘new normal’ for a lot of employees.

While employees save stress from driving in stressful traffic conditions and enjoy the work-life balance by being close to the family to tend to caregiving duties, employers save infrastructure costs, gain access to a larger talent pool irrespective of location and save the environment too! To each, his own, remote work doesn't only mean working from home, but could also be an attractive opportunity for those with light feet who love to travel for work or family needs.

Explore the world, take care of your loved ones and work on your own terms as a freelancer or a permanently remote working employee.

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Success Stories!

Anand Pal

CRM Team Head

Thank you for this great initiative, helping us to be more inclusive towards our fellow professionals.

Anu Shrivastav

Project Lead

At first, i was not sure whether any of the PwD hirees would be as good compared to regular employees, but i will be more than happy to hire more from here.

Satya Ramesh

Digital marketing

I have been pleasantly surprised with the ease & professionalism with which my requirements were fulfilled.

Rajiv Iyer


Hiring PwD involve additional work at our end. However, the team at InclusiveJobs is always available to answer any queries & run additional criteria to ensure a better hiring experience .